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I can see the improved confidence

We really appreciate all that you have done for RJ.  He is doing so much better.  The greatest area that I can see improvement is in his confidence.  He is taking better notes.  Teachers say his participation is up, and what I like most is that he’s not afraid to ask for help.  Moving to high school was a big worry for me.  Mr. Rogers did NOT let him give up, even letting him know that his ‘learned helplessness’ would not be tolerated.  He really needed that.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to help their child get and stay on track.  Shoot, I just signed up my other child!

-Mr. Parks

Small Investment; HUGE Returns!

Bryce has always been a pretty good student. We decided to choose ProdigyScholars because one, I went to college with the owner and felt confident of his skills , and two we wanted to give Bryce an edge. Man did we get more than we bargained for. Bryce’s first year at Alabama A&M has been phenomenal. So much so, that he has earned a scholarship worth over $8000! Talk about small seeds yielding big fruit! I highly recommend students getting the instruction and practice they offer at Prodigy! Money well spent!

-S. Webster

Small Group Success

Can’t say enough about the teachers at ProdigyScholars. We got a late start with ACT testing (his senior year, I know…). So we were really looking for a way to get a lot of bang for our buck. After only a few short sessions, Kev’s reading score went up 7 POINTS! His language score went up 4 points! He learned more than just test taking skills. He gained some much needed confidence that translated into the classroom. He is now at his first year at Bethel University and we couldn’t be more pleased with how he is doing. I would confidently recommend anyone giving ProdigyScholars a try, especially for raising those reading and language ACT scores!

-N. Rorie

Can’t beat the personal touch

Bailey is doing remote learning this year, and needless to say, it’s been a struggle. She doesn’t ask questions or for help and this is reflected in her grades. Working with Mr. Rogers is helping her build confidence. Because we are doing live zoom, he can see when she is confused or not fully zoned in. His years of teaching experience really comes through in he way he breaks things down. Now, if we can only get those sessions to translate into better grades…

-D. Terrell

When My Kids Ask for It…

I highly recommend William Rogers at ProdigyScholars. William not only has the professionalism but the PASSION for what he does is second to none. I have worked with William for the last three years and I am seeing a significant improvement in both of my kids. My son currently has 100% in English. I have used other tutors in the past, but nothing compares to ProdigyScholars. Its far more than helping and checking homework. William is getting the students prepared for the world. Once the students grasp the foundation, they are able to accomplish SO MUCH MORE!

-N. Dixon