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Prodigy Scholars | Moving Students Forward

Mission And Values

ProdigyScholars is the passion of teachers that extends beyond the classroom.

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As teachers we see the pain a student experiences as they struggle. We witness their desire to do better, so we want to do everything we can to empower them and yet with a classroom full of students we struggle to find the time.

Leveraging our expertise as Master Teachers, we desire to build our community by increasing student achievement and reducing educational stress in the home and the classroom. By focusing on best practices over “testing,” we identify ways to help every child reach their full potential.

We believe technology can be used to seamlessly connect parents and students with local highly qualified teachers.

We understand that all learning can’t happen in the classroom and these gaps, if not addressed, can lead to more struggle. By connecting our community, ProdigyScholars seeks to reduce student anxiety, which can lead to more meaningful learning in the classroom.

But why stop there?

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With access to local Master Teachers in the content areas children need most, we seek to enable our advanced and gifted students to new heights. Much of the learning in the classroom focuses on struggling and on-level students. ProdigyScholars desires to challenge even our best and brightest students. At ProdigyScholars, every student has room to “Move Forward.”

Core Values

Authentically improve the student’s academic skill: Teach the student, not the test while adhering to research-based strategies and best practices

Help teachers have more productive classrooms while empowering students to achieve their best year ever

Always keep families first by providing no-cost access to research-based social and emotional support skills and strategies


Prodigy Scholars | Moving Students Forward