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I became a teacher because I love people and then….

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I became a teacher because I love people. I want to help people grow into the best versions of themselves. No matter how hard it gets, there is always at least one student that gets it. The look in their eyes says it all, and my “next job search” ends.

Teaching was the life when I was single.

It was the most money I had ever made coming straight out of college. Summer’s off were amazing! But single life has given way to a family and what seemed like an endless amount of money now has very real limits.

To help things out a bit I took on a summer job waiting tables at O’Charley’s. I was surprised to find that I wasn’t the only teacher supplementing my income. Weekend warriors could be found throughout the restaurant. While the money was good at times, time was what I was losing. Teaching a full week and then serving a full weekend left little time for anything else.

Prodigy Scholars connects certified teachers to parents seeking help for their child.

Prodigy Scholars allows a two-way interactive process. Teachers have the ability to develop sessions and catalog them based on subject and grade-level. Parents can search these sessions based on their needs.

As a parent, you have the ability to request specific help for your child by creating teacher alerts. Once you know what your child needs, you can either search for a session that meets that need or create a request to be sent out to available teachers.

As a teacher on Prodigy Scholars, you have the ability to give peace of mind to a parent and help to a struggling student. There is also the added benefit of earning extra income.

But what I like most is the help you give to your fellow teachers.

Imagine a classroom where students are prepared because they haven’t lost all they learned from last year. I created Prodigy with the vision of students receiving help all year long.

But in the summer, that’s where the magic happens. When parents know they have access to flexible quality instruction during the summer, it’s a game changer. I want to eliminate the struggle felt by parents and students. But as an added bonus and fellow teacher, I want to eliminate our struggle as well. Confident, prepared students are better-behaved students.

When you teach at Prodigy Scholars, you help out your own.

And when students work with Prodigy Scholars, they come ready in the fall. With available weekend sessions, they come ready for the upcoming week because of each teacher’s intimate knowledge of the curriculum. Find out how you can make a difference in a child’s life and transform a teacher’s year!

Earn more doing what you love!

  • Per student pricing means the more sessions you have, the more you earn.
  • Flexible Grouping
  • Help student either one on one or in small groups

Help Your Own

The beautify of Prodigy Scholars is you help your own when you help our students. Prepared students are engaged students. The more they engage, the less they misbehave. Now that’s a classroom we can all love!

Your influence on a child’s life goes beyond the session and directly into the classroom. Your intimate knowledge of district and state expectations means you always move students forward no matter where they are.

Moving Students Forward

At Prodigy Scholars you gain access to the highest quality  Curriculum Specialists near you. Transform your student’s future with personalized tutoring on a schedule that works for you and at a price that makes you feel even better.

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